We offer Sydney home cleaning that is second to none. Developed to make your home healthier, we remove built up dust from hidden corners and from the air too.
All rooms
1. Dust ceilings, ledges, walls and sills
2. Pick up miscellaneous items, tidy up and remove rubbish
3. Vacuum floors, carpets, stairs and under beds.
4. Move, clean under and replace all furniture under 35kg.
5. Dust extraction on top of all ledges and hidden corners.
6. Polish and vacuum all furniture and clean mirrors
7. Wipe clean all surfaces, skirting boards and switches
8. Air clean with ioniser , HEPA Air and antibacterial air filters
9. Clean air vents, ceiling fans and picture frames

10. Remove gunk on top of cupboards and clean range top
11. Clean and spray wipe bench-tops and polish sink
12. Remove, clean behind and replace fridge.
13. Clean appliance exteriors and clean inside microwave
14. Spray wipe cabinet doors
15. Wash and disinfect floor

16. Clean sinks, vanities (exterior only)
17. Clean and disinfect toilets, in and out
18. Wash and disinfect floors
19. Bath tub scrub
20. Shower scrub and screens in and out
21. Spray wipe walls

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