Our customers expect the best from us and we expect the best from our people. In turn, our staff receive good wages, an open ear policy and
real career opportunities.
The trouble with traditional cleaning work is that the wages are usually low and there are very few benefits. The passion required to clean something well is hard to find if you're not being paid fairly for your efforts

Our days start around 8am and finish around 4pm and you are paid for every hour in between, whether your cleaning, driving or eating lunch.
Our people are friendly and productive and enjoy a happy culture.

But it's not for everyone. Firstly, you must have a car and be prepared to work hard. If you can do that for six months, your wage goes up to $22 an hour + bonuses. First four weeks training is paid at $100 flat per day.

Please fill in the employment application form and we'll be in contact.

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