EcoOrange - Multipurpose / 500ml
This eco-safe alrounder really cuts through grease and grime. Dilutable.

EcoGreen - Bathroom & Tile / 500ml
With a special mould inhibitor and a wonderful smell in the bathroom.

EcoBlue -Window & Glass / 500ml
Scientifically developed in the lab with a special "anti static" formula.
These specially formulated eco-safe cleaning products are created
caringly without mass produced dilution to drive costs and efficacy
down. They were formulated to be effective.

100% Non-Toxic, the Eco-Series by 1300 CLEANER will help to make your home healthier. They deliver a concentrated formula that works very hard without saturation for real economy. Ready to use in the comfort of your
own home they are safe for your family and the environment.


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