Wendy - Mosman, NSW
"Toby, MATE! what can I say? Fantastic job today. I'm gobsmacked! 3 people, 3 hours - it's way above my expectations. You didn't miss a spot. I have had cleaners before and always felt ripped off but you guys go above and beyond. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know. Everyone is looking for a reliable cleaning company that actually delivers. I'll be in touch soon for another booking. I dont even expect the same level of service that we got today, for that introductory price, next time, but next time, (thanks to you) our place will be a lot easier to clean. You charge probably double the other cleaning companies but deliver about 5 times what they do. Fantastic service. Well impressed! Thanks."

Sharon - Homebush, NSW
"I must say I am very pleased with the cleaning you both did in my apartment. I don't recall it ever being so clean. Toby and Michael, you are amazing. You both came with a smile and anything I requested to be cleaned you did. I definetly recommend you to anyone who wants a house cleaned properly. When you left, my apartment smelled so clean and I could tell there was no dust due to the air filters you were using. You did an amazing job and I will definetly be seeing you again. Thank you for the best clean my apartement has ever had with such care and a smile on top. You guys did a great job."

Deanna - Pyrmont, NSW

Thank you for the fantastic job you did to my apartment!
I can now say that I had been wasting money on other cleaners that I thought were doing a good job. However nothing compares to the amazing results that you achieved. I will definitely continue using your service on a regular basis and will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family.
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